Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

An Italian pizza shop with far more than the usual variety. Don't want a flat slice? So have a calzone or Stromboli. Something more substantial? Have a stuffed pizza. Don't want a whole pizza? Order a slice, with numerous choices ready to order. Also subs, pasta with veal, eggplant, chicken, etc., burgers, a couple seafood options, and more.

It's casual dining, Bright, clean open kitchen. It's roomy with a comfortable but busy atmosphere. order at the counter, eat at the tables or take-out. You won't feel in the way while waiting for take-out; there's plenty of space to hang out.

Traveling through Ocean City, we needed a quick lunch and this was recommended. So this is a first impression only. We ordered two Strombolis to go: an Italian and Chicken/Broccoli; $8.50 each. Served with tomato sauce on the side. Both very good, even though they had cooled by the time we ate them an hour later. The right balance of filling and crust, so you get filling with every bite without constantly spilling the filling while you're eating.

You won't find trendy "gourmet" toppings here such as lox, shaved truffles, waygu beef, etc. here, just the standard Italian items. Nothing wrong with that!


Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

The food is aways good. I enjoyed my pizza and mozzarella sticks cheesesteaks pizza pasta everything is always good I really enjoyed going there


Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

My family had lunch at Mione's on our way out of Ocean City this weekend. They are located on Rt. 50 in the Tanger Outlet Shopping Center. We are very happy to eat here before leaving!

They've got a great variety of pizzas by the slice. We tried their white pizza, chicken/bacon/ranch pizza and their buffalo chicken. Everything we tried was insanely delicious! We also had their brocolli bites...breaded, deep-fried nuggets of cheese, broccoli and bacon.

They also had Stromboli, stuffed pizza and Chicago-style pies...all looked great.


Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

This place is really good. I've only had the pepperoni pizza, but everything looks and smells great. They also have burgers, fries, spaghetti and such, so it's not just all pizza and subs. Customer service is very good, with everyone smiling and friendly. Great place to get some classic comfort food.


Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

Absolutely love the pizza here. The garlic knots are awesome as well. Don't miss this!


Apr 30, 2015 by Anonymous
From: Yelp 

Awesome pizza. It's so sad to hear naysayers. They are most likely people that think Pizza Hut is how good pizza is supposed to taste.

You gotta try the specialty pies. The veggie pizza with broccoli, tomatoes, and ricotta cheese is probably what I'll order if I'm ever on death row. And this is coming from a guy who used to order nothing but meat on his pizzas.

Speaking of meat, you gotta try the stuffed meat pizza if you like mushrooms. Crust on the top and bottom. Delicious sauce.

And who could forget the pasta pizza. Stuffed with Ziti and ricotta it makes me come back over and over again.

Been living on the shore for 30 years and have traveled far and wide. This is definitely a unique place that makes me yearn for it when I'm far away from home.

“Good food from New York!!!”

May 05, 2013 by Anonymous
From: Trip Advisor 

We go to Mione's every time we travel to Ocean City. Several varieties of great pizza; excellent sandwiches and good dinners. We recently had the veal parmigiano dinner. Large piece of REAL veal (not a patty) with linguini..salad and bread included. Very reasonable prices. Will definitely keep returning whenever we are in Ocean City. We plan to return once or twice before we leave this time. Always good to find good New York pizza and food.


Apr 18, 2013 by Anonymous
From: Urban Spoon 

Wow found this place last week, great food. I had the Italian sub and some pizza...very very good. The location is hard to find in an outlet shopping center but the food makes up for the poor location.

“Best NY Pizza in OC”

Mar 28, 2013 by Anonymous
From: Trip Advisor 

As a Native New Yorker, I've looked high and low for authentic pizza and I think I've found it! I go for the Neopolitan and my partner likes the Sicilian because he likes to pile on the toppings. It was perfect! We even met another native New Yorker who now lives in Ocean City. He vouched for the authenticity of the pizza and he was definitely right! It's not on the beach, but just across the bridge in West Ocean City and worth the 5 minute drive!

“Really good food”

Jan 25, 2013 by Anonymous
From: Trip Advisor 

We ordered take out, a calzone and an order of wings. Both were very good. the wings were large and meaty and there were a lot more than I expected. They have a delicious buffalo sauce with a garlic taste to it. The wings are breaded and fried. The calzone was a little smaller than I expected but it was also delicious.

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